Reiki - Inhouse Sessions and Training

At Frangipani House we offer sessions and training in Reiki. Reiki is a beautiful way to relax, and to share the comfort and nurture of touch with one another. Reiki helps us to reduce the levels of tension and stress in our lives. When we do this, and include a good diet, think well, give and receive love in our lives... we give our body it's optimum way to heal itself.

At Frangipani House we have been offering Reiki sessions and training since 1998. Reiki is a deeply nurturing way to give caring touch. Reiki gives you the ability to give hands on stress reduction to family, friends, or in a clinic setting.

I'm sure we are all aware of how reassuring a tender hug from someone we care about can be. Well, we don't always have access to caring touch from loved ones, and this is where I believe a Reiki session can fill a huge gap. The Reiki compassionate touch is soothing, and a wonderful stress reduction - and don't we all need that in our lives today.

Research from Berkeley University has found that touch helps to reduce depression, calms cardiovascular stress, it's good for our mental and physical health. Here's an interesting video on touch by Dacher Keltner...