Reiki Training

At Frangipani House we offer sessions and training in Reiki. Reiki is a beautiful way to relax, and to share the comfort and nurture of touch with one another. Reiki helps us to reduce the levels of tension and stress in our lives. When we do this, and include a good diet, think well, give and receive love in our lives... we give our body it's optimum way to heal itself.

Reiki is a popular system of energy work. It is a hands on energy healing process that can be used in conjunction with western medicine. I believe it is very helpful for stress reduction and management. 

 Your Reiki class includes training, attunement, manual, practice, sample treatment and a Reiki Practitioner Certificate. I mostly offer Reiki training in private training. Some people train with a friend, and it is a lovely way for couples to share time together. I also offer Reiki training to small groups if a few people wish to train together. 

 Reiki Lineage: Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, Mrs Hawayo Takata, Phyllis Furumoto, Claudia Hoffman, Mary Shaw, Christine Henderson, Bruce Way, Kareen Fellows.